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Thinking Ahead.

OceanCycle is currently focused on increasing global recycling to prevent further ocean plastic pollution, but there is more work that needs to be done to solve this problem once and for all. We need replacements for certain single use plastics, replacements to polyester fabrics that create microfibers and further investment in recycling infrastructure. We also need new technologies to deal with waste and help create a circular economy. Hence, we spotlight and advocate for technologies and companies that complement our efforts to clean up the ocean. 

As we create the demand for ocean plastics and increase collection activities, there is a need for additional processing capability in order to bring that material up to a standard for widespread manufacturing operations.  As we find trusted partners and processors, we direct our network of investors to provide debt and equity investments to scale up operations and expand to areas where there is vulnerability to ocean plastic pollution.

Other Technologies We Promote:

  • ◦ Biodegradable Alternatives (PHA)

  • ◦ Waste to Energy

  • ◦ Chemical Recycling

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