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The OceanCycle.

There is no silver bullet to solve the ocean plastic problem.  A systems approach is required and OceanCycle works on all aspects of that system to help drive a circular economy and reduce ocean plastic solution.

The first part of that journey is to build demand for plastic that if not collected would end up in the ocean.  Second is to then build the infrastructure and processing to meet that demand.  This results in more local job creation meaning families have more food on the table and more parents are able to pay the schools fees for their children.  It also means more disposable income for things like doctor visits or seeds for planting. 

As more people are collecting plastic it leads to higher volumes of material being collected so that millions of new products can be made out of the recycled plastic.  As those products are sold at a profit it creates further demand for material that prevents ocean plastic starting the cycle all over again.  Our goal is to spin that cycle as fast as possible and attract many brands, organizations, governments and manufacturers to strengthen the OceanCycle.  We hope you will join us!

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