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Plastic pollution and specifically plastics in our oceans are currently some of the most talked about environmental problems. As a result, consumers are demanding companies deal with their plastic footprint more responsibly and increase their use of recycled material. Many companies are beginning to incorporate ocean and ocean-bound plastics into their products but there is confusion in the marketplace as to what is ocean plastic and if those recycling efforts are actually having impact on the addressing the problem.    


Using GRS and FSC certifications as inspiration and leveraging our cross-sector knowledge and experience setting up grassroots collection programs in Haiti, we set out to create standards and definitions to bring transparency and accountability to the marketplace.The resulting OceanCycle Certification establishes those standards and provides end-to-end traceability from local material collection through the manufacturing process. The certification gives everyone in the supply chain confidence in both the quality and impact of the material, and pinpoints the coastal communities where material is collected.   


The OceanCycle Certified mark is not given but earned by a select few through a rigorous evaluation process and in-person audits. Our certification covers:

  • ◦ Material Collection: Where and how the material is collected

  • ◦ Ethical Sourcing: Labor practices ensure proper working conditions and no child  labor

  • ◦ Environmental Practices: Proper disposal of wastewater and chemicals

  • ◦ Documentation: Standards to ensure traceability

  • ◦ Certification Standards: Expectations to maintain certification and remedies for infractions

OceanCycle certifies at the processor level for those producing recycled materials and at the manufacturer level for those that are using the recycled materials in their products.  

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