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We are cross-sector leaders with a breadth of experience working in government, business and in nonprofits. From military service fighting narcotraffickers in Colombia to peace efforts in Sudan to advocating for new environmental standards; we know how to overcome adversity, tackle tough challenges, and deliver results for our clients and partners. 

Ryan and Robert originally met focused on Haiti. Robert spent years traveling across the country to set up a system of recycling the Haitian’s nicknamed Ramase Lajan or “picking up money” in Creole, and Ryan co-founded a company that was using the recycled material from Ramase Lajan to make the first ocean plastic sunglasses.

They both realized the growing threat to animal and human health from ocean plastics and formed OceanCycle to focus on sustainable solutions to address the problem. Originally, they planned on making their own products, but realized they could achieve much greater scale if they focused on building a network of brands, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to make millions of products to prevent ocean plastic. 

By building an ecosystem of like-minded organizations they could create a robust demand for ocean-bound material and then incentivize collection and recycling to meet that demand. The OceanCycle framework drives more investment in additional material processing as well as local collection infrastructure getting us closer to a true circular economy – resulting in less plastic in the ocean and more income for local communities.  Ryan and Robert pride themselves on being the people that get things done and believe that together we can stop the flow of new plastic into the ocean by 2030. Prevention is key to ensuring ocean cleanup efforts are effective and not fruitless exercises unable to keep up with the flows of new plastic into the water. 


Robert and Ryan share a love of scuba diving and are sons to amazing women. They are also focused on making a difference for children globally – Robert with his extensive work in child protection and Ryan with a young son at home. Together they want to end ocean plastic and want you to join them on the journey!

How to help:

  • ◦ If in procurement let us help you integrate recycled plastic into your products.

  • ◦ If an investor let us help you put your dollars to work to maximize social and economic returns.

  • ◦ If a brand or marketing leader let us help you with an authentic story of impact that will stand the test of time.

Otherwise, find a way to use your greatest talents and resources to engage or just cheer on those that carry the OceanCycle certified mark.  We're counting on you! 

Robert Goodwin, Co-Founder

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Ryan Schoenike, Co-Founder

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