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for Cleaner Oceans

OceanCycle is a social enterprise reimagining the circular economy through sourcing, certifying and reusing materials to prevent ocean plastic pollution.

Scaling Impact.

With more than 8 million metric tons of plastic entering the oceans every year we need solutions that result in impact at scale. Our work follows five key principals:
Best-in-Class recycled materials
Consistent and reliable collection  and processing infrastructure
Priced for
long-term sustained use
Chain of custody from local collection through manufacturing
Educating communities to stop ocean plastic pollution at its source

Traceability You Can Trust.

We developed an industry-leading certification to trace material from grassroots collection through manufacturing. Our team works directly with processors, material aggregators and manufacturers to provide documented chain of custody.
We regularly audit facilities and supply chains ensuring material accountability and adherence to strict labor and environmental standards – resulting in a system in which manufacturers, brands, and companies can trust the quality and origin of the materials they are using.

Impact: Local and Global

We work in areas where plastic pollution is the most damaging. We partner with local businesses and community leaders to help drive more income and jobs through recycling. Purchasing from our network means more food for families, more kids in school, and better health for communities.

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